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IVCM exists to make a difference in the lives of orphans and disadvantaged children. We want to uplift and strengthen the children to achieve their goals and dreams. We want to educate children in skills and knowledge so they can achieve their goals, to encourage the children to be positive members of their society and world and to make a difference to future generations.  In India and Cambodia, we trust in God that we are making a difference in peoples lives.


IVCM Sanaputhur Village 

Our India Base is managed by Sami and his wife Kani.

Sami himself was brought up in a boys home from an early age and after completing his education and finding his lovely bride and becoming a teacher himself, he chose to set up his home to be used as a base for assisting other young boys.

They started out caring for 4 boys and has expanded to caring for 12. The boys attend a local school during the week and Sami does private tuition and teaches them gardening along with many other things. English lessons are given regularly to the boys. Over the years renovations have been done to his home. Fundraising and assistance given to our India home have allowed toilet blocks, compound walls and gates to be put up. These 12 boys have all grown up in Sami’s home and are soon to leave and start out their own journey. We pray as this draws closer that God will use these boys to further His kingdom in whatever they choose to do.

Helping needy families

Holding VBS over the holidays

Assisting boys such as these

Indi’s Rice Project


A few years ago, one of our directors (David & Barb) were sharing at a church about IVCM.  After the evening service, much later that night, a young girl and her mother came to meet with them.
Her Mum said Indi (9 years old) was listening to everything you talked about and decided she wanted to donate some money to IVCM.  Indi said she was hoping to buy some rice for the families in Cambodia who attend IVCM.  Indi was asked how much she wanted to donate, to their surprise, she held up $500 in cash. This was one year’s worth of her savings.

From that first donation, Indi’s Rice Project was launched, with the idea of rice being given every month, for every family of every child at the IVCM Base in Cambodia.  Indi has set up a board in her church with small mesh bags of rice. People can donate monies to the project ($10 or more a month) and take a bag of rice as a reminder to place on their fridge. If you would like to donate towards this as a once off donation or regularly, Indi would love to have you join her in this.

We have now started adding more than just rice to these monthly handouts, which are such a blessing to our families in Cambodia.


IVCM Mamre Learning Centre

The IVCM Mamre Learning Centre is located about 3 kilometers from the Siem Reap town centre. The learning centre can accommodate upto 120 children in the program. The program will coincide with the Children’s Khmer public school lessons; there are two learning sessions per day (morning and afternoon). The children are taught Maths, English, World View, Geography Health, First Aid, Gardening, Scripture, along with various life skills as a supplement to their public school education. 

IVCM Mamre Learning Centre opened in March 2014, providing learning sessions and a meal for the children  attending daily. There are currently 100 children attending the school  and we constantly have people wanting to register their child. 

Why Cambodia? A lot of NGOs are currently in Cambodia and there is good reason for this. About 22.9% of Cambodians live below the national poverty line (that’s living on less than US$0.93 a day). In 2007, the governments expenditure on education only accounted for 1.6% of Cambodia’s total GDP and as a result only 78% of adults above the age of 15 are literate.

IVCM believes that ‘Together we can make a Difference’ and we aim to do this in Cambodia through an extra learning program in the children’s lives to help empower them to love learning and to have a relationship with our great God!

Boks and Ali – managing IVCM’s learning centre in Cambodia

Feeding children at the Centre

IVCM Learning Centre – Siem Reap

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Making a difference in children's lives is Our Mission

Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them,
for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

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